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The company HOBRA-Školník is a significant European manufacturer of solutions in the areas of filtration and insulation. The first HOBRA branded insulating products saw the light 85 years ago and the company is engaged in filtration for more than 65 years. Convince yourselves about the outstanding quality of insulation and filtration products developed and manufactured using the state of the art technology and strict quality standards.


The ISO 9000 group’s international standards form the core of the system of standards applicable in a wide range of spheres and activities. HOBRA is fully aware of the importance of a quality management system and has exerted maximum effort to obtain quality certificates. This effort was crowned in 2000 by obtaining a quality management system certificate according to ISO 9001. This globally applicable certification is the guarantee of the fact that the firm is operated on a particular, pre-defined standard and the whole production process is monitored continuously. These are concrete standards and guidelines which clearly specify strict requirements for products. HOBRA - Školník, in connection with obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate, adopted the following engagements and objectives:

  • The firm wants to profile in the long term as a leading-edge firm supplying products of highest quality. In addition to quality product supplies, the company also wants to provide top advisory and logistics services.
  • By collecting information about new directions in the application of its products, the company must respond adequately to all changes and have its own development department to improve its products, the complete offer and related services continuously.
  • In production, the quality policy objective is to enhance production effectiveness while simultaneously reducing the energy intensity.
  • Enhance employee qualification consistently at all levels, especially in respect of quality.
  • Within the production plant, keep the technology at a high technical level and all the plant premises tidy and clean.
  • Given the plant location within the “Broumovsko” Landscape Protected Area, make sure constantly that the technologies, raw materials and products do not threaten the environment.

As one of the fundamental points of the Quality Policy is the aforementioned location of the HOBRA plant within the ”Broumovsko” Landscape Protected Area, the company management has decided to establish an environmental management system, which resulted in 2001 in being granted an environmental management system certificate according to ISO 14001.

Both standards are integrated into the Integrated Company Management System.

The strengthening of positions in the food and, especially later, in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries caused the necessity to ensure continuous health safety of production. Therefore, the company decided to be audited by an independent company and was granted an AIB food safety standards certificate, which binds HOBRA – Školník to improve the health parameters continuously.

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