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„Effective Heat and Temperature Control“ is HOBRA’s comprehensive mark, under which all the company’s products and services in refractory and insulation applications are identified. In essence, it is a marketing project which covers everything HOBRA manufactures, offers and supplies in these spheres.

Water jet cutting
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Our firm uses state-of-the-art technology for precise cutting. On the basis of the drawing documentation provided, we are able to make any area cut-out from our materials up to dimensions of 1,500 x 1,200 mm.

In most cases, area cut-outs are used as components for the final assembly or repair of products or equipment. Customers need not be concerned with board processing, worksite hygiene or the disposal of waste generated when trimming boards to the required dimensions. Any change in shape is easy and reasonable in price. After consulting and testing, we also make cut-outs from supplied materials.

Metallurgy and foundry
Glass and Ceramics
Civil Engineering

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