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The company HOBRA-Školník is a significant European manufacturer of solutions in the areas of filtration and insulation. The first HOBRA branded insulating products saw the light 85 years ago and the company is engaged in filtration for more than 65 years. Convince yourselves about the outstanding quality of insulation and filtration products developed and manufactured using the state of the art technology and strict quality standards.

FAQ - Insulation

What is the optimum and maximum temperature for the application of your boards?
Application temperatures depend on the board type selected for the particular application and can be found in the Products section.

What are the dimensions of the refractory and insulation boards you supply?
The basic board dimensions are 1,000x500 mm and 1,000x750 mm; for more information, please see the individual product pages. For bigger orders we are able to supply boards in precise dimensions according to the supplied drawing documentation, cut with s high-pressure water jet.

What are the base prices of your materials?
We will send you a price list of our products upon request. Please contact our Sales Department.

Can your materials be divided or cut?
Yes, they can. The best method is with water jet on our cutting desk. Customers can cut the boards and paper using a carpet cutter or a saw while observing the safety and health precautions specified in the product safety data sheet.

Do your insulation materials contain asbestos?
Certainly not. The insulation materials are produced from ceramic and mineral fibers using the paper-processing technology.

How are the products packaged?
Refractory boards are packaged in 1,000x500x200mm or 1,000x750x200mm cardboard boxes; refractory paper is supplied in rolls 500mm wide packaged in 500x400x400mm cardboard boxes. Larger quantities are supplied in cardboard boxes on pallets.

Where can your refractory and insulation boards, paper or shaped forms be purchased? Do you have sales representatives?
You can buy boards directly in our plant or contact our Sales Department for information as to whether you can obtain our products in your area.

Can your boards be attached with adhesives?
Yes, use conventional stove-making putty (e.g. Soudal) available from paint and varnish retailers. Or contact our Sales Department for more information.

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